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Our Medical Centre

The spacious and warm décor of our medical centre gives a friendly touch to the medical service we provide.

Meditrina Reception

Meditrina Lobby

Our medical centre is conveniently located at Grand Plaza, right above the Mongkok MTR station.

Meditrina Grand Plaza

Cafés, restaurants, shops, ATMs are all found under the same roof.

Meditrina Consultation Room

Our in-house medical doctors provide all consultations, report interpretation, and health check follow-ups.

Meditrina Radiology

General X-rays are be performed on-site in our radiology unit.

Meditrina Chest X-Ray

Radiologist reports are included with all X-ray examinations.

Meditrna Mammography

Breast cancer screening is done with our mammography system.

Meditrina Mammogram

Breast cancer screening ensures early cancer detection.

Meditrina DEXA

Osteoporosis screening is done by our DEXA Bone Densitometry. Results include the T-score according to the WHO standard definition.

Meditrina Osteoporosis

Meditrina Ultrasound

Ultrasound examinations are performed on-site ard reported by Radiologists.

Meditrina Ultrasound

High quality laser-printed radiology films are provided for your lifelong archivability.

Meditrina ECG

Meditrina ECG

Resting ECG are performed on-site and reported by Cardiologists. Abnormal ECGs may require further investigations such as Echocardiogram and Treadmill Exercise ECG.

Meditrina Laboratory

Our in-house medical laboratory ensures that our diagnostic tests are performed by the most qualified personnel, results are promptly available, and cost well controlled to preserve the interest of our clients.

Meditrina Laboratory

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